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How to use?

just type or paste your content in the box above and click the button you want convert text into. For more details check our FAQ page. is one of the best online tool for converting case. By using this online tool user can convert case very easily. Compare to other online case converter tools this tool has good UI design and easy to use and more options like replace text after convert and additionally we have word count and string length (character count). By using our free tool users can convert uppercase to lowercase, uppercase to sentence case, uppercase to title case.

Convert to lowercase

Convert unformatted text to lowercase and UPPERCASE to lowercase, Sentence case to lowercase, Title Case to lowercase. This is example of lowercase text conversion.

Convert to UPPERCASE

Convert unformatted text to UPPERCASE and lowercase to UPPERCASE, Sentence case to UPPERCASE, Title Case to UPPERCASE. THIS IS EXAMPLE OF UPPERCASE TEXT CONVERSION.

Convert to Sentence Case

Convert unformatted text to Sentence case and lowercase to Sentence case, UPPERCASE to Sentence case, Title Case to Sentence case. This is example of sentence case conversion.

Convert to Title Case

Convert unformatted text to Title Case and lowercase to Title Case, UPPERCASE to Title Case, Title Case to Sentence Case. This Is Example Of Title Case Text Conversion.

Convert to tOGGLE cASE

Toggle case or swap case means convert Characters uppercase to lowercase and lowercase to uppercase from your input.

why is a free online tool for converting any case to required case. tool developed by professionals who has good experience in logical concepts and coding experience in reputed comapanys.